Our Victories / Recent Impact

Our members have achieved victories for millions in New York and increasingly at the national level. These are just a few:

Make the Road NY’s Dignity, Community & Power 2022 NYC Platform

This year, Make the Road NY has once again released a set of policies for the Adams administration and City Council to prioritize to ensure the safety and well-being of immigrant and working-class communities across New York City.

As New York City recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be essential for city leadership to truly center community safety by investing in safe, affordable housing for those New Yorkers most in need, stabilize the incomes of our workers earning low wages by protecting them from arbitrary firings, invest in our communities, and more.

Read our NYC platform

*NEW* Report: Covid-19 Impact on Household Cleaners

In this report, we present data from a survey of household cleaners in NYC and Westchester conducted between March 2021 and June 2021. As part of the Safe and Just Cleaners research project, we explored our study participants’ rates of Covid-19 cases, the economic and social impact of the pandemic and longitudinal changes in mental and physical health outcomes.

With this data, it’s clear our state leadership must pass and implement the Coverage for All legislation, establish a permanent unemployment program for excluded workers, and replenish the Excluded Workers Fund.

Read the full report here

Respect and Dignity for All: 2022-23 State Policy Platform

The communities we represent and serve have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and our 2022-23 state policy platform centers on smart solutions to mitigate the coronavirus’s impact while working to address underlying inequalities and improve the lives of immigrant, Black, and brown families across New York State.

In our 2022-23 state policy platform, we offer concrete policies that, if passed and enacted, would help ensure that all New Yorkers are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Our Reach

New York City
Long Island

We helped Gladys demand and win critical repairs from her landlord, and in the process, become a tenant advocate and MRNY board co-chair. When she fell seriously ill, we won near-elimination of her massive medical debt.

From our NYC centers in Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island, we serve immigrants from throughout the 5 boroughs and organize to win policies that benefit millions.

Julio Cesar

When ICE seized Julio Cesar from his Long Island home in a pre-dawn raid, ripping him from his pregnant wife and two small children, Make the Road New York mobilized within minutes to lead a legal challenge and accompanying community campaign that resulted in his release.

Our fastest growing membership base is leading a highly impactful civic engagement program that is helping to make Long Island more equitable.


Ruth came to MRNY seeking help for her two young daughters who were about to be deported after fleeing violence in Guatemala. Our legal team halted the deportation and won a path for Ruth and her daughters to obtain legal permanent residence.

Our newest center in Westchester is expanding critical services for the area’s growing and often isolated immigrant community and uniting families across the state to strengthen our ability to win systemic reforms at the state and national levels.


Antonio joined MRNY in 2010, finding a safe space and the encouragement to raise his voice. After working on multiple issues and becoming a recognized leader in MRNY's youth work, he was offered the opportunity to help open Make the Road Nevada. He rose to the challenge and says his experience "made me realized how crucial MRNV was going to be for those families."

We lead the fight for immigrant rights across the country, working as a powerful bloc with our sister organizations: Make the Road New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, as well as our national partner, the Center for Popular Democracy, and their affiliate organizations. We support communities of color across the nation to build the resistance with us.