What We Do

Our services are aimed at protecting individuals from deportation, keeping families together, and expanding opportunities for immigrants. We assist with citizenship and U-visas (for crime victims), support unaccompanied minors, and provide consumer fraud education. We assist with paid sick leave and unemployment insurance claims, and fight workplace discrimination and wage theft by litigating in court and before administrative agencies. We prevent displacement of long-term residents by stopping unlawful evictions and protecting tenants’ rights to safe housing.

We run a bilingual hotline for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, with a community-based team of volunteer counselors/advocates who provide comprehensive case management as well as counseling and advocacy. Our attorneys are involved in efforts to reverse harsh immigration enforcement and expand immigrants’ rights. As immigration enforcement escalates, we are training thousands of people to know their rights and to train others. Our Deportation Defense Manual is a guide for families and communities facing the possibility of deportation on how to protect themselves and how to prepare.

Protecting Immigrant Families
How We're Helping

Our communities are under attack, and we are doubling down on programs to prepare and protect immigrant families by:

Providing high-quality legal services: We handle a very diverse range of immigration cases including affirmative cases like citizenship, asylum, and deportation defense. We take on potentially groundbreaking cases that will set precedents and help stop the deportation crisis.  We are routinely called on by government agencies and other legal service agencies to provide advice on complicated cases.

Running monthly Know your rights trainings across all of our storefront community centers and distributing our deportation defense manual nationwide: With our new Know Your Rights program, we train hundreds of families each month, covering critical topics such as what to do if ICE comes to your home or workplace, how to compile your documents to prepare for interactions with ICE, how to arrange care for your children if you are detained or deported, and how to access legal representation. We constantly update the curricula to respond to changing conditions. Thousands of copies of our bilingual Deportation Defense Manual were distributed to communities across the country, ensuring this vital information is spread widely.

Preparing for, and conducting rapid response to immigration raids: We designed a protocol that can be used by groups across the country to respond to actual or rumored ICE raids. This involves tracing the report back to someone with direct knowledge, determining whether the individual is in ICE custody and where they are detained, and providing support to their loved ones. We help families locate their loved one in detention, share visitation information, and assist with emergency planning issues such as child care, medical needs, and sudden loss of income. We support families in accessing legal representation, preparing for court dates, and mobilizing community support.

The amount we help save or put back in New Yorkers' pockets annually
Fast Facts
  • We represent tenants in Bushwick and East New York to fight harassment and displacement, including filing lawsuits against particularly bad landlords.
  • Represented MRNY member Martín Batalla Vidal and other DACA recipients in a lawsuit against the Trump administration for their termination of the DACA program, on behalf of 800,000 DREAMers and their families
  • Run a hotline for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, providing comprehensive case management, counseling and advocacy.
  • Filed a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights against the NYPD’s 110th precinct to challenge a pattern and practice of denying services to Spanish-speaking residents, including many in the trans Latina community
Meet Martin

Martín Batalla Vidal is a DACA recipient who works at a nursing home helping those with health issues, allowing him to financially support his mother. After the work permit that he obtained under President Obama’s immigration relief initiative was wrongfully limited, MRNY helped Martín file a lawsuit that could bring immigration relief to hundreds of thousands of immigrants across the country.

Support our fight for justice through impact litigation, policy design, and community organizing.

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